Real Estate Qualifications

Whether you’re just starting a career in real estate, or you're an established licensee looking to take the next step up with a Diploma, we offer a range of courses, travelling throughout both the Perth Metropolitan and Regional WA towns to help you succeed in your Real Estate Career.

To become a licensee, you need to complete a Diploma and Cert IV in Real Estate Practice. We also offer Registration Courses for Property Management and Sales Representatives.

If the enrolment links below do not work with your device, please email with your details and the course you are interested in.

Diploma Program

Sales Course

Property Management Course

Full Cert IV in Real Estate Practice (Unrestricted)

Property Manager Restriction Removal

Remove the restriction to registration for Property Managers who completed the 2007 based CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services by completing extra bridging units.

Employers interested in Traineeships

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Regional Students

We also work with regional students in WA and are happy to accommodate Zoom Support sessions in order to assist you meet your educational aims. The property industry in WA is dynamic, exciting and provides professional and personal growth. 

Incentives and Subsidies

Federal Incentive

$1,500 (paid at 6 months) and $2,500 paid at the completion of the qualification.

  • FULL-TIME TRAINEES: Must be a new worker and not have completed a certificate III or higher in the last 7 years. If they have completed a certificate III while they were at school, that is ok.

  • PART-TIME TRAINEES: There is only $1,500 on completion.

Even if they do have a prior qualification, they can still undertake the traineeship and receive the state incentives and wage subsidy.

State Incentive

Total of $2,125 – $1,062.50 paid at 6 months and $1,062.50 paid on completion.

  • Available for new workers only (Employed less than 3 months full time, or less than 12 months casual or part time. They will need to be part time or full time to undertake the traineeship).

  • It doesn’t matter if they have completed a prior qualification.

Wage Subsidy

The federal government will pay 50% of your wages (for 12 months from the date of the sign up) capped at $7,000 per quarter.
There are restrictions on existing workers as per below.

  • An existing worker transfers from a casual employment arrangement to a part-time or full-time

  • An existing worker transfers from a part-time employment arrangement to full-time.

  • If they are full time and an existing worker, they are not eligible for the wage subsidy or any other funding.

  • If they have already completed a Cert IV or Diploma in Business they are not eligible for wage subsidy.

*Trainees who qualify for a funded Traineeship through the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) will be charged as per the published rates on the DTWD Jobs and Skills WA website.

The student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.


Additional fees may apply such as Student Resource fees.
Refer to our resources page for details on Aspire’s fees and charges policy, or call us on (08) 6460 0965.